Are Collagen Supplements Really Effective?

Are Collagen Supplements Really Effective?

What is collagen anyway? Why do we claim that it's the fountain of youth? 

We already have collagen in our bodies. In fact, it is the most abundant protein in our bodies. Collagen makes up 80% of our skin and works together with elastin to keep our skin firm and elastic. But as we age, natural collagen production in our bodies decline

To make it easier for us to understand, picture this, "Our body’s collagen [are] 'ropes of protein in the skin.' When we’re young, the rope remains tight, but as we age, the ends begin to fray." 

As we get older, our bodies cannot replace the collagen we are losing quickly. So how do we replenish lost collagen? 

Our answer is taking collagen supplements. Studies show that doing so consistently for several months can improve skin elasticity (making wrinkles and fine lines smoother) and increase bone density (reduce joint, back, and knee pain).

Here are authentic collagen supplements from Japan that you can try:

Our current bestseller is Shiseido The Collagen Powder- which is fish collagen that also contains Vitamin C, Ceramide, and Hyaluronic Acid for maximum effect.

Shiseido The Collagen Powder


Next is Meiji Premium Collagen Powder which also contains coenzyme 10, Vitamin C, and Arginine. All to make you skin look younger, clearer, and brighter.


For more benefits, you can opt for Meiji Collagen + Calcium Powder which will not only make your skin healthier but also make bones, blood, and muscles stronger thanks to calcium and glucosamine.


For those who prefer taking tablets, there's an option for you too! DHC Collagen tablets has collagen peptide derived from fish and has beauty-supporting vitamin B1 & B2 added to it to help strengthen its action.

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