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Icepop Eye RF Wand

Icepop Eye RF Wand

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Icepop Eye RF Wand is a handy anti-aging device for the eyes. It uses radio-frequency, red light, EMS, and high frequency vibration for an instant eye-lift and brighter undereyes. See the difference in just 3 minutes.

Modes: One treatment cycle lasts 3 minutes.

Firming Mode: EMS + RF

Brightening Mode : RF + EMS + Red Light

Depuffing Mode: RF + EMS + Red Light + High Frequency Massage 

How to Use Icepop

  1. Apply eye cream on the eye area before using Icepop.
  2. Long press the power button to turn on the device. 
  3. The default mode is Firming mode. Press the power button lightly to change the mode. Press once for Brightening mode and twice for depuffing mode.
  4. Massage the eye area for three minutes per side. The device will vibrate after three minutes of use.
  5. Long press the power button to turn off. Note: Icepop remembers the previous mode you used.


  1. The power light will start blinking when Icepop’s battery is low. 
  2. Power light will keep on blinking while the device is charging. It will only stop blinking when it’s fully charged. 
  3. Icepop is not waterproof. Do not wash in running water. Wipe the device before and after using. 
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